Locations of reflection,

sensation and isolation


Culture is the ability to make dreams tangible. Form is able to fascinate or to disgust. Culture transforms and transcends the everyday life and helps us to forget what we want to ignore. Whenever signs refer to something, they hide something else.


The museum is an extraordinary space in many respects. Here objects find their place, that have no central function in our everyday life. Of course, also homes or offices can be designed as a kind of museum. But we do not go to a museum to live or work there. In the museum we face the objects from a certain distance and a different perspective. We use them to inform or to stimulate us. We allow that this world is clearly and fundamentally different from our everyday experience. The museum is one of those places that make us realize that life knows alternatives.


In some way, parts of a city may appear to us as a kind of museum, when we meet here manifestations from the past that have lost their functions. Signs are rarely timeless. We can try to estimate their age. Material shows fatigue symptoms and traces of time. Was her body treated well or badly? We can feel it. The signs have something to say, even when the original meaning has disappeared.

To step out

of everyday life


We are living through memory and predictions, mediated through our imagination. With art we have created an alternative world. This alternative changes the meaning of the ordinary and everyday live. In art we can try to free ourself from any utilitarianism. Here we allow ourselves, regardless of time and resources, to get as close as possible to our goals. What comes under the title Art, makes joy and anger. This alternative world opens our eyes for desirable perspectives, but at the same time our familiar world is getting uncertain and questioned.


Who wants to be perceived as an artist, may not bore his audience. It has always been part of the art to balance not only the boundaries of good taste, but also to explore what is tolerable. A wild and less transparent presence of artists weakens the threatening and unnerving effect of their art. In the world of art the work loses its effect with his explosive force. „We are sorry: it just ONLY Art!”