Select: Ideology is the sum of the

prevailing aspirations


The modern Western world gives the impression of a society without ideology. Abstract concepts such as profit, efficiency or profitability are higher in price than the affected people's lives.


We have got used to the fact that we constantly encounter signifiers that are inconsistent with each other and cannot be integrated into a coherent overall picture. The statues of emperors and kings for example were often not removed from the townscape by the end of the monarchy. Tourists take pictures from themselves in front of monuments, simply because this looks impressive. Images may have an active or generative force, regardless of their specific usage. In this way, many traditional ideas could survive, even if they no longer fit into the current life context.

Public awareness, persuasiveness and brand loyalty


"You have taken over the job of creating desire and have transformed people into constantly moving happiness machines, machines which have become the key to economic progress." Herbert Hoover, 1928

Attention is the taking possession of the mind. What is sold as „information”, often bears no relation to the roots, interests and concerns of people today.


The market propaganda tries to define a framework within which we have to find our happiness. Advertising invents models of conformity. „What I wear is a statement.”