"In the interests of your own safety"


Shielded and top secret, governments have built with the help of extensive monitoring systems, a parallel universe of power. In this system exists neither right nor law, neither democracy nor separation of powers, neither an independent judicial system nor parliamentary control and no longer the fundamental rights and civil liberties of its citizens.


The place that is given to us in systems, is calculated on the basis of datasets specified by algorithms of thoughtless and unconcerned machines. Through the use of technical devices in dealing with other people, it is possible to rid ourselves of moral concerns. The "players" lose the reference to the consequences of their actions.


People now spend more time in areas that are not in public ownership. Here the owners have the final say. They determine the rules by which we have to behave.

Include and exclude


If possible, people want to live in an emergency call protected environment. The world is divided into fenced areas with different access permissions. Any activity of unwanted people can be accused as a disturbance of "peace". Therefore the paradise seems to be where only a self-chosen selection of persons have the permission to enter. It seems to be desirable to find a retreat that can be well defended against invaders.


Do we still have a right to be left alone?