Richness, knowledge and power – poverty, lack of knowledge and weakness


Before the industrial revolution we were all fairly equal. Since stock market and economic develop independently, it is possible that individuals managed to accumulate incredible wealth. Not have all benefited to the same extent from business profits. Growing inequality has become a worldwide phenomenon. Today's super-rich build increasingly a nation for themselves. Between rich and poor, there is no contact. Empathy and understanding for each other can not arise in this way. States such as the United States celebrate their tycoons and show a positive relationship with the Plutonomie. An ostentatious display of wealth is regarded as a motivating impulse. High security areas emerged to avoid possible conflicts.


the live between despair and anger



In Europe the idea of ​​an independent life is connected with positive associations. However, life is full of dependencies. Even if we feel financially independent through an inheritance or a lottery win, so we constantly rely on outside services. Only a few people are able today to survive a longer period of time without the support of others. Those who have to struggle through life alone, are unlikely to be envied. Nevertheless, today many describe their integration into social relationships as a barrier on the path to happiness.