How to make the incomprehensible understandable


Institutions and organizations, that can no longer be detected with one's own senses, have to develop logos, images and narratives, that trigger our imagination. The importance of identity options is thus always a question of the appropriate media representation. Although identities often provide a stable and well-established impression, they remain in the end nothing more than fragile characters. Institutions therefore seek for an omnipresent and impressive form of manifestation.


Nothing seems to be more important than reputation in the modern world. However, if the representatives of political, economic and social interests try to find a common form of expression, the differences in interests are getting noticeable.

Community Spirit: When people organize themselves into groups


If groups find an expression to which they can relate, they are always vulnerable to attempts of criticism or a shift in meaning. Self-definition as well as attribution need to be successful as manifestations. In addition to the main communities, like race, class and gender, countless larger and smaller groups of interest have been established.